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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Girls Night In
I cannot emphasise the importance of adult time. Be it with your partner, or friends, family, colleagues, whatever. But it must be time spent with another adult.
During the holidays my time is spent with my kids, 100% of the time. It is mentally exhausting.
No one to talk to, moan to, cry on, talk some sense with, to bring you back down to reality. To appreciate. No way of getting out all the stress and frustration. No one to get a hug from, (trust me, a childs hug is NOT the same as an adult one).
Once in a while a dvd night is called for, for a chat, catch up, and reality grounding. Well, actually, I'd say one is called for at least once a week, but what with jobs, universities, coursework, housework, other halves and children, it's kinda hit and miss. But it gets to the point where we HAVE to have one.This week the rules were broken and we had one on Sunday. Un-heard of!
Don't get me wrong, its not a party, its just the three of us, my two best girlfriends and I, and there's no alcohol, but we have fun and a laugh, and even though I turn back into a pumpkin each time, I've still had a ball by the end.
Here's our recipe for a girls night in....

                                                    1, slightly peculiar films....             

  European if possible, definitely with subtitles! We never go for a blockbuster, or what you'd consider 'normal' films. They go under the title 'new world' or 'other world cinema'. Other world is about right for some of them.

                                                       2, sweet popcorn....

but it has to be from Lidl. The best sweet popcorn around. In a blue bowl.

                                           3, cheese puffs

from tesco or sainsburys, but a complete must for our nights, more-so than the popcorn. In a pink bowl.

                                                                 4, some sweet treat

 a sweet treat either bought or baked, just to make it feel extra special. Can be cake, brownies, chocolate, or biscuits, we're not fussy....

                                                                            5, a nice cuppa...

                                                              or for some people....(!)... ;-P

but the rules are you must stay in the kitchen for the first half hour at least, chatting while I make a very slow cup.....

                                                                         6 the most important ingredients....US!

no, of course its not actually any of us in the pic, and actually I think we all do a good job of looking fabulous, but trust me, this is how we feel, every day.


 and a outpour of all the crap and stress we've each had to go through since the last dvd night....
Thanks girls!!! xxx

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